Can you download apps without a sim card

can you download apps without a sim card

can you download apps without a sim card

 · The only drawback at this stage is that I can't seem to download more apps. There's a link on the iPhone's homepage for iTunes, but not for the App Store. My question is: Is it even possible to download more apps without a SIM card? If so, how? Do I need to sync the thing with iTunes for the App Store link to show up? Also, I have an iBook running OS/X 1.3.9. Will it even recognize the …

 · Install the WhatsApp application on the device that doesn’t have a SIM card. If the device in question uses the Android operating system, you can download it here. If, on the other hand, you use a device with iOS, you can do the same here. At the same time, install the app FonYou on the device that does have a SIM card.

 · If you don't want to receive or place any calls, the same for SMS, and to ensure no data or internet access via a cellular network when roaming internationally without having to remove and keep the SIM card in a safe place, enable Airplane mode on your iPhone. If you want to access an available wi-fi network you can turn on wi-fi access with Airplane node enabled keeping all other radios off.

 · Yes. A SIM card is used to make the phone, data, and SMS work. App Store needs wifi ( so use UR houses or Starbucks or ect. Source (s): Experience. Login to reply the answers. Donny. 7 …

 · This is the quickest, most effective, and safest way to go about activating your iPhone without a sim card. When you connect your phone to your computer, all you need to do is follow the instructions you see on the screen. Step 1. Make sure that you download the latest version of iTunes available from Apple’s website onto your computer. This will help to avoid complications and make the …

 · Finally, go back to Whatsapp, enter the code into the app, and you should have that app up and running. As you can see, both of these methods should make using Whatsapp without a SIM card …

 · Replied on July 21, 2014 You can download apps and updates without a SIM card. I have a Lumia 1520 that is on Wi-Fi only and I have been able to install apps and even update it …

 · Once you've completed the set up process, remove the SIM card from the old device, and you will be able to use it without issue. You will need a SIM card to …

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